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TORONTO -- They say iron sharpens iron, which augurs well for Mike Ricci at UFC 165 this weekend. Shaquille ONeal Jersey . The 27-year-old lightweight from Montreal spent much of his 10-week training camp for American Myles (Fury) Jury working with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. The two have trained before but the busy St-Pierrre was in Montreal for an extended period of time -- "which is rare," according to Ricci -- that dovetailed with Riccis camp. "He has been my main sparring partner for this fight," Ricci said. "Ive done most of my rounds this training camp with him." Not surprisingly, Ricci (9-3) lost most of those rounds against the bigger man, and a champion to boot. But the 155-pounder says he began to steal the odd one. "It feels good when youre working and working and you win small battles here and there against guys like that," he said. "You know youve been improving." Light-heavyweight title-holder Jon (Bones) Jones takes on Swedens Alexander (The Mauler) Gustafsson in Saturdays main event at the Air Canada Centre. Ricci is one of seven Canadians on the undercard. Francis Carmont, a French middleweight who fights out of Montreal, is on the main card. Ricci also trains with welterweight Rory (Ares) MacDonald, a close friend, at Montreals Tristar Gym. Like GSP, MacDonald is preparing for a fight at UFC 167 in November. St-Pierre takes on No. 1 contender Johny (Bigg Rigg) Hendricks in the main event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas while No. 3 MacDonald faces No. 8 (Ruthless) Robbie Lawler. Ricci says St-Pierre is more than generous with his time in the gym. "Its unreal. If Georges wanted to, he could just do his own thing and then leave," said Ricci. "But he stays and he puts in work with guys. Not only just me because I have a fight coming up, hell work with everybody. "You could even see this guy maybe even developing into a great coach one day. He stays, he puts in the work and he puts in the time and he explains things. And he gets to the bottom of them. Ill do a round with him and then after hell be like OK we have to work on this when sparrings over. Its great to have him as a training partner. And I havent had him around this much and working with me this much in a while. It was a very good experience." Fighting as a welterweight, Ricci lost last December to Colton Smith in the final of Season 16 of "The Ultimate Fighter." He bounced back at UFC 158 in March to defeat Colin (The Freakshow) Fletcher, a finalists in the Australia versus U.K. TUF spinoff. It was a dominant win, albeit one that was less than stirring in terms of entertainment. But it was a memorable night for Ricci, coming in front of a hometown crowd. He walked out to the Phil Collins song "In the Air Tonight," explaining later that the story said it all. "I have been waiting for this moment all my life," he said later, quoting the song. "I grew up wanting to win in the Octagon and Ive spent six years on a road of blood and sweat to make sure I got here. "I had some UFC jitters, but I spoke with GSP two days ago and he said Listen, get used to them because they never, ever go away so I was nervous but I expected to be going in. Winning a UFC fight means everything to me." Ricci walked out to the cage in traditional martial arts garb, complete with a sword. He says his goal in the Fletcher fight was simply the win. "I felt like my position (in the UFC) wasnt as secure as Id like it to be ... I came back down to my weight class and I just felt it was the fight I had to win. "You get into those fights where you know you can win them if you do as youre supposed to do," he added. "You know you will 100 per cent win and I knew that I would 100 per cent beat Fletcher if I stuck to a game plan. "But I wasnt 100 per cent sure if I would finish him with that game plan. But the win to me was more important. So I went down that road. ... I hit him plenty of times. Could I have hit him more? Yes. Could I have been more aggressive? Yes. But I did what I had to to win and stay safe. I feel like my position is more solidified now" Thats good because the 24-year-old Jury represents a step up. Jury (12-0) has won all three of his UFC fights since appearing on Season 15 of "The Ultimate Fighter." He was on Season 13 initially but had to leave through injury. Ricci says he chose Jury over two other opponents. "Easier fights, to be honest with you," Ricci said. "This is the fight that I wanted. This is what felt like it was supposed to happen to me." Jury is not short of confidence, judging from the bio on his website ( "At just 24 years old, Jury is what the experts refer to as the new breed of the sport; a hybrid fighter, well versed in all aspects of the demanding game," the bio reads. "And, when you combine the baby- faced looks of a Hollywood actor with the ferocity and tenacity of a young Mike Tyson, youre left with a dangerous concoction of a modern day warrior with tunnel vision, glaring all the way to the top." Jonathan Isaac Jersey . What they did need, the Devils got from Patrik Elias. Elias scored a power-play goal 40 seconds into overtime to give the New Jersey Devils a 3-2 victory over the Dallas Stars. Aaron Gordon Jersey . Torres tells Spanish daily AS "in football you never know where you will be inside one month. Im going to work hard, thats all you can do with this last part of the season so important.Hull v Sheffield Wednesday, live on Sky Sports 1HD on Saturday 28th May at 5pm, is the next Fantasy Six-a-Side fixture, with a guaranteed £10,000 prize for our round winner. Hull v Sheffield Wednesday, live on Sky Sports 1HD on Saturday 28th May at 5pm, is the next Sky Sports Fantasy Six-a-Side fixture, with a place in the Premier League up for grabs and a guaranteed £10,000 prize for our round winner.All you have to do is select six players from the two sides, including your Elite Player from the four most valuable players, then sit back and keep track of your teams scores via our dedicated Match Centre, with regular updates powered by Opta, plus match stats and a live leaderboard. Unlike other fantasy games, your selected players are rewarded for every save, tackle, pass or shot, and you only have to wait for 90 minutes of action to be completed to see whether youve won the jackpot.Heres a guide for picking your Fantasy Six-a-Side line-up...Step 1: Pick your Elite PlayerChoose one Elite Player from the pool of four available. An Elite Player is best described as a player that is in-form and likely to have a significant impact on the game. Robbert Snodgrass, Abel Hernandez, Fernando Forestieri and Gary Hooper can be selected this round. Elfrid Payton Jersey. .Step 2: Pick five Team PlayersThe remaining five spots in the team must be filled from the other Team Players from the two clubs. There are no player values, formations or position requirements.Step 3: Pick a Power Play periodYour team will score double points during your chosen 15-minute Power Play period.Step 4: Predict the golden goal & submit your teamIn the event that two or more managers are tied on the same number of points at the end of the match, the prize will be awarded to the manager that has made the closest prediction for the minute of the first goal scored.Once your selection is confirmed, you can make unlimited changes to your team and Power Play period up until the Game Round deadline, which for this round is Saturday 28th May at 5pm.Scoring pointsFantasy Six-a-Side offers greater depth and appreciation for performances than any other Fantasy game, rewarding your selections with a more detailed point system.No longer will you be left pulling you hair out when your players put chances on a plate for their team-mates, only to see them hit row z.Pick your team now…good luck. 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